We are dedicated to providing our exclusive members with the integrity, personal, prompt, and courteous primary care they expect and deserve. We are ONLY accepting a LIMITED number of patients in order to provide the highest quality of service and personal care possible.

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Why Choose Us?
  • How much does membership cost?

    Adults 21 to 65 years of age, $299 per month. No initiation Fees or other membership fees. EVER!
    Families of 3 or more (including those 2-21 years of age) for $249 per month.
    Corporate and group packages are available.

    Included Member Benefits:

    Just some of the procedures included with membership.

    Procedure Standard Price Member Price Savings
    Stitch Removal (Administered Elsewhere) $50.00 $00.00 100%
    Standard Ear Irrigation $75.00 $00.00 100%
    EKG with Interpretation 52.00% $00.00 100%
    Abscess Drainage $185.00 $00.00 100%
    Joint Injection/Drainage (includes med) $135.00 $00.00 100%
    Trigger Point Injection Standard $125.00 $00.00 100%
    Breathing Treatment Standard $40.00 $00.00 100%
    Wound Repair (sutures) $295.00 $00.00 100%

  • What are some benefits of membership?

    Care membership makes it:

    ✔ A direct private phone number to contact your doctor 24/7.
    ✔ Same or next clinic day appointments.
    ✔ Never feel rushed with one-hour visits.
    ✔ Costly office procedures are included.
    ✔ Discounted prices for labs, imaging, specialty testing, and medications not covered
    by insurance.

  • What if I have insurance?

    Whether you have great insurance, a high deductible plan, or even no insurance at all, membership makes sense. Never worry about insurance coverage, copays, deductibles, or surprise visit costs again.